Farmers in Winter, or The Jungle At My House

In February there isn’t much growing in Wisconsin.  Which is why I’m grateful for the absurd amount of aloe (both aloe vera and baby cape aloe) and jade plants we have in our living room.  The amaryllis (upright light green thing on the left) is a new addition thanks to our temporary roommate Courtney (of fabulous Flower and Bee).  For weeks it sat on our kitchen table doing nothing, and now it seems poised to rocket out of it’s pot.  I can’t wait to watch it become gorgeous.

Farmers in winter.  Like many things in nature we take this time to be a little quieter, a little more still.  We make plans for the season and spend time making music or artwork or reading more books.  We hold meetings with one another, attempts to make our work more cooperative and collaborative.  Alissa experiments with trendy high fat diets and visits friends coast to coast.  Anna goes running at the YMCA and discovers new uses for coconut oil.  Joseph retreats to Nashville, TN to bring closure to a chapter of his life and make some latte art.

Stay Tuned for Farmers in Early Spring.